Bright green hydrogen can sequester 20 tons of CO2 per ton of hydrogen, another option in the hydrogen color wheel, but what economics?
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Bright green hydrogen is derived from woody biomass that would otherwise have decomposed. If the resultant CO2 is sequestered underground, total net CO2 intensity is -20 tons of CO2 per ton of H2, while also helping to ensure the permanence of nature-based CO2 removals. 

The economics are covered in today's data-file, requiring $11/kg-e revenues for a 10% IRR on capex of $3,000/Tpa of biomass, which might comprise $9/kg H2 and $100/ton CO2 incentives, $1/kg H2 and $500/ton CO2 incentives, or anything in between. Capex deflation would help. 

Bright green hydrogen is thus another interesting addition to our hydrogen color wheel, in addition to black hydrogen, grey hydrogen, SMR blue hydrogen, ATR blue hydrogen, turquoise hydrogen, MIRALON process, chemical looping combustion (Brightloop), and green hydrogen.

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Rob West, CFA, Analyst & CEO, Thunder Said Energy
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